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Open Channel Flow


AVMS 5.1 Multi-Sensor Area-Velocity Flow Monitor

  • For Large Open Channels and Pipes (6 ft / 2 m or larger)
  • Includes 3 Velocity Sensors for Average Velocity measurement
  • Measures Forward and Reverse Flow
  • 3 Isolated 4-20mA Outputs(Flow, Level and Velocity)
  • Totalizer and 2 Control Relays
  • Simple 5-key Calibration
  • Optional built-in 2-million point Data Logger and Software with USB output to Flash Drives

Measures Velocity + Level to Monitor Flow with Multiple Ultrasonic Sensors

Monitor flow through large open channels, partially full sewer pipes and surcharged pipes without a flume or weir. Designed for municipal stormwater, stream flow, irrigation water, raw sewage, sluiceways, water intake channels, cooling water discharges and industrial effluent.

The AVMS 5.1 uses three submerged ultrasonic sensors to continuously measure both Velocity and Level in the channel. It is recommended for large channels or applications where velocity will vary across the width of the channel.

The sensors resist fouling, corrosion and abrasion. The flowmeter can be configured with three standard submerged velocity-level sensors, or with three submerged velocity plus a separate non-contacting ultrasonic level sensor.

How it Works

The AVMS 5.1 Area-Velocity Flow Meter measures level and average velocity from multiple sensors to calculate flow in open channels or pipes. The system includes the AVMS 5.1 flowmeter with interconnect cable to a multi-sensor enclosure plus three submerged ultrasonic sensors.

The ultrasonic velocity sensors mount in the channel in positions where they will be submerged. Stainless steel mounting brackets are included. The sensors are completely sealed with no orifices or ports. Level is measured by connecting the built-in level sensor from any one of the three velocity sensors, or with an optional non-contacting ultrasonic level sensor.

Channels of any shape can be monitored. Forward and reverse flow can be measured and totalized. View flow rate and total flow on the large backlit LCD display and connect to external devices with three 4-20mA outputs and two control relays. The AVMS 5.1 measures flow velocity from 0.1 to 20 ft/sec (0.03 to 6.2 m/sec) and reverse flow up to 5 ft/sec (1.5 m/sec).

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